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Septimus Heap, Book Six: Darke pdf, epub, mobi

Septimus Heap, Book Six: Darke pdf, epub, mobi

Angie Sage,Mark Zug,: Septimus Heap, Book Six: Darke

Septimus Heap, Book Six: Darke


In the sixth book of the Magykal series, Alther Mella has been Banished, a Darke Domaine engulfs the Castle, and a Darke dragon is on the loose. Septimus Heap must use all of his skills to save the Castle and the Wizard Tower from destruction: He must enter the Darke. But he cannot do this alone. With the help of Jenna, Alther Mella, Marcellus Pye, and Septimus's estranged brother, Simon Heap, Septimus and Marcia Overstrand battle the spreading Darkenesse. Will Septimus succeed in protecting his Magykal world?Written with Angie Sage's characteristic humor, Septimus Heap, Book Six: Darke is a compelling fantasy adventure filled with surprises, thrills, and laugh-out-loud moments. Readers will revel in the action-packed story as they realize the wisdom of Magyk--that all things are meant to be part of a living whole.

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Author: Angie Sage,Mark Zug,
Number of Pages: 656 pages
Published Date: 01 May 2012
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Inc
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780061242441
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